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Fits on your Canon C70
Multiple ¼”-20 screw holes along the top and sides
Multiple ⅜”-16 screw holes with ARRI standard accessory mounts
Canon Accessory Mounts stainless steel shoe in the center of top plate
Cold Shoe offset for microphones, lights, etc.
Lightweight and made of CNC aluminum

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Lightweight and robust CNC machined aluminum top plate designed to fit the Canon C70. The top plate offers an array of 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 threads with Arri standard anti rotating holes, which can be used to attach options around the camera. The Canon C70 top plate is also designed with a threaded hole to insert your C70 sensor pin. Cheese plate designed to attach accessories to the Canon EOS C70. This top plate contours the top of the camera body. In the center of the plate integrated Canon Accessory Mounts stainless steel shoe for the native CANON C70 handle. An offset Cold Shoe fits perfectly the native microphone bracket of the camera.

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