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J-Box Power & Charger with V-Mount
Lightweight battery plate and rod bracket (1.1 lbs; 0.45 kg)
For Canon C500 MKII or C300 MKIII
20, 40, 60, 100W & 5V USB Outputs
Supports up to 100W Power Consumption
AC Power Supply & Cable
LED Indicators
15 mm Rod Mount & Threaded Holes
Remove Battery Safely When AC Plugged In

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Use the J-Box Camera Power and Charger from SHAPE to power your Canon C500 MKII or C300 MKIII camera and other accessories simultaneously with a V-Mount battery and continuous AC power. Multiple LED indicators on the J-Box show battery and power status. The J-Box is designed to power your camera while also powering items like a monitor, smartphone, or lights, and when plugged into an AC outlet with the included AC adapter, you can remove the battery safely without powering down your camera. The J-Box has a V-Mount battery plate, and on the side, there are four power outputs: one 20W, 5V/4A, one 40W, 8V/5A, one 60W, 12V/5A, and one D-Tap 100W, 16.8V/6A. On top there’s a 5V/4A USB Type-A port to power your smartphone or USB accessory. You can power multiple items simultaneously with up to 100W of total power consumption. There are also threaded holes on the back of the plate for mounting options. The charger comes with a cable connector to power your Canon C500 MKII or C300 MKIII camera, an 8V output cable, a 15 mm rod mount to use with your 15 mm LWS rod system, a removable Delta plate, and an Allen wrench and screws for mounting your gear.

Compatible with Canon C500 MKII or C300 MKIII;
V-Mount Battery Plate with Safe Lock (Optional Gold Mount converter GVRPC);
Small size and lightweight battery plate (0.8 lbs; 0.36 kg);
When the J-Box is plugged in, safely disconnect and reconnect the battery without powering down your rig;
5 outputs: (1) 5V:4A:20W, (1) 8V:5A:40W, (1) 12V:5A:60W, (1) 16.8V:6A:100W, USB 5V:4A;
Supports up to 100W power consumption from the device;
Comes with a robust 15 mm Rod Mount with locking and angle adjustment system;
Threaded holes at the back of the plate for mounting on a cheeseplate;
LED indicators for power features;
Delta plate included to mount on the J-box main unit;
Knob system to lock and adjust the position of the J-box unit.


(1) Cable (24.5”) compatible with the Canon C500 MKII or C300 MKIII
(1) output 5V:4A
(1) output 8V:5A
(1) output 12V:5A
(1) D-TAP output 16.8V:6A
(1) USB output 5V:4A

*5V output cable not included

Charger and Power Devices

(1) Power Supply. Input (110-240V:2A 50/60Hz); Output (16.8V:6A)
(1) BP Charger input to use and charge battery at the same time
(1) Ac Adapter input to use without a battery
(1) AC Power Cable
15 mm Rod Mount System device

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