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Modular top handle made of CNC aluminum and Canadian maple wood
Perfect to attach more camera accessories
Let you place the handgrip in the up, side and down positions
Top handle also features several 3/8-16 anti rotating threaded holes
The handgrip is made of Canadian maple to maximize ergonomy, comfort and security.
The parts are anodized to protect against wear and oxidation

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Add a variety of accessories to your camera rig with the Controller Top Handle with Universal Attachment System from SHAPE. The modular handle features four sections that can be removed or re-added to create different lengths and configurations. One of the sections is angled to create a handgrip on the end. The center section raises up the handle, allowing a solid connection to your cage or rig.The handle is constructed from anodized aluminum, and each section is lined with a smooth, wooden finger grip made from Canadian maple. Numerous 3/8″-16 ARRI-style anti-twist accessory threads line the handle, so you can add a wide variety of accessories.

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